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From experience ascribed to their time as Heart of America Model A Club members, a fist full of Model A owners set out late in 2006 to extend their hobby more closely to their home area in northwest Missouri.  First came coffee sessions at the Hy-Vee grocery in Gladstone Missouri followed by rides along north Missouri’s rural byways.  Then advertising an organizing meeting at Lohman’s Café in Smithville brought more enthusiasm than the building would hold.  Now, Northwest Missouri Model A events and meetings are open to more than 100 club members...and room for as many guests and prospective members who are welcome to attend.


Founding members included Richard Rector, Thomas McRady, Lee Donius, John Osborn, Tom Beardsley, Bob Sanson, Bill Auch, Ron Anderson, Margaret and Gary Minor, Lyman Ridgeway, Dan Wantland, Bob Dunham, Paul Mann and David Allen.

The following are pictures of the members and their beloved Model A’s.


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